Pevensey Bay Sea Defences PPP

The Pevensey Bay Sea Defence scheme is unique. It was the first sea defence project anywhere in the world to be funded as a Public Private Partnership (PPP/PFI). In committing to a 25 year contract, Pevensey’s residents and environment are guaranteed a consistent standard of defence until at least 2025. This approach to beach maintenance has allowed the Environment Agency and Pevensey Coastal Defence Ltd to develop and advance 'best practice' in provision of sea defence services.

To coincide with the project's 10th anniversary, New Civil Engineer magazine published a 4-page article about the scheme in September 2010. Read it here.

Typical Works

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Latest News

Emails to BT Accounts - March 2021

PCDL emails to most BT and Talk Talk accounts are being 'bounced' as spam.

Latest Works

Winter works 2022- 26th September 2022

A small recycling team will begin recycling from Monday 17th October along various sections starting outside of the EA Depot, working towards Sea Road Car Park, Leyland Cottage and then heading to Normans Bay, and Herbrand Walk

Feature: Why don't we have a sea wall?

Over the years several people have questioned why Pevensey Bay’s sea defences are being provided by a shingle embankment alone. Why was a more permanent solution like a sea wall not chosen? This article explains the differences between soft and hard engineering solutions, where soft is represented by shingle and hard by concrete and rock.

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