Latest Works

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Harbour Bypassing - 1-2 weeks

2nd October 2019

High tides and gales in the early part of this week have resulted in a significant build-up of shingle on the south side of Sovereign Harbour. This needs to be removed from the beach, and bypassed to the north side of the marina, before it is lost into the harbour’s approach channel. Work will start to move this material on Monday 7th October, between 07:30 and 17:30, and is expected to go through the first week and perhaps into two or three days of the second week.

Beach Recycling to restart

September 2019

The highest tides of the year are expected in the next few days, and although big waves are not predicted, there will be sufficient wave activity to result in some beach erosion. As a result, machines are arriving in time to start the first maintenance works of the autumn on Monday 30 September. The length of the works will be dependent on the weather over the next few days.

Annual Beach Recharge

July 2019

In late June it was likely that Sospan Dau would be completing this year's beach recharge in late July.  However, a problem with her dredge pump has meant a trip to dry dock in the Netherlands for emergency repairs.  Recharge works are now not expected before early autumn..

Work finishes for Winter 2018-19

May 2019

The final bulldozer left the beach today, and hopefully will not have to return until autumn. As usual additional supplies of shingle are required at Sovereign Harbour to replace sediment lost during the winter. News as to when this is expected to happen will be provided during the summer.

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