Since Pevensey Bay's sea defences are no longer self sustaining they have to be managed to ensure that the required level of protection is provided. Typically many sea defence schemes involve major capital works followed by minimal amounts of maintenance. At Pevensey the ethos has been a little different. A substantial sum was spent in 2002 in completing improvements works, but it was recognised that this alone would not be sufficient.

The primary defence is shingle. In absorbing wave energy it is moved from west to east along the coast in such a way that there is a net loss of some 25,000cu.m of beach every year. It also moves irregularly, with some places seeing excessive erosion, whereas other may gain in the short term.

Managing the defences involves a variety of techniques, most of which are reactive and undertaken in response to weather events. Because of this the various works undertaken are not planned in advance, as resources have to be mobilised in response to events as they happen.

Thus the Latest News section provides information on works that are currently, or soon to be, happening on the beach. All information from Latest News is available as an email. If you wish to receive updates on sea defence works before they happen and as they progress please send an email asking to be added to the circulation list.

The Beach Maintenance section contains the information the typical beach activities. Beach Maintenance activities are explained as to how and why they are used.

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