Beach Maintenance

Typical activities are explained as to how and why they are used.

Recharge - Shingle lost from the frontage every year has to be replaced. This done used sea-dredged aggregate brought ashore by dredger Sospan Dau.

Recycling - Drifting shingle that temporarily builds up in some places is moved back to areas of erosion in large dumptrucks.

Bypassing - Shingle building up on the south side of Sovereign Harbour needs to be transferred to the north beach.

Reprofiling - Shingle is drawn down the beach in storms. It is pushed back to ensure the beach crest width remains wide enough.

Groynes - Find out more about groyne works that can be expected during the contract.

Beach surveys - identify any weaknesses in the defences and quantify when works need to be implemented.

Emergency Response - Find out more about preparing for severe weather and potential erosion and flooding that may arise.

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