Emergency Response

A storm batters the beach between Beachlands and Normans Bay

Although PCDL has responsibility for maintenance of the sea defences, the Environment Agency remains responsible for anticipating and responding to flood and other environmental emergencies. It also operates a flood prediction and warning system.

PCDL provides a round the clock Duty Officer not only to ensure that adequate plant is in place to maintain the integrity of the beach, but also to provide up-to-the-minute information to Agency Duty Officers in the lead up to and during storms.

Emergency Response duties of both the Agency and PCDL do not involve rescue and clearing up services, both of which are the responsibility of emergency services and local authorities.

The Agency provides extensive information on flood risk and other issues. Below is a sample of some of the information offered by the Agency on their website (www.environment-agency.gov.uk)

Floodline - Sign up to Flood Warnings Direct - Find out if you are at risk of flooding

Current Flood Warnings - All the latest flood warnings. Updated every 15 minutes

Managing Flood Risk - Find out about research programs and future plans to tackle flooding

The Foresight Future Flooding Report - How will climate change affect us in the future?

Living On The Edge - A guide to the rights and responsibilities of river & seaside occupation

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